Korean media explains why Big Bang might disband after this comeback

10Asia recently posted an article about the possible end of Big Bang’s journey.

The group Big Bang will make a comeback after four years. There are signs of Big Bang‘s shaking stronghold, as all members were embroiled in controversy. 

Big Bang announced its comeback in the spring. The recording of their new song has been completed, and the release date is being adjusted. It is the first new song they release as a four-member group (G-Dragon, Taeyang, Top, Daesung) after Seungri was arrested on nine charges of prostitution, embezzlement, gambling, and assault, and it is also their first comeback in four years.  

In the meantime, Big Bang has been embroiled in a number of controversies, such as releasing call girl photos, inappropriate outfits and music videos, G-Dragon and Top’s marijuana smoking, inappropriate remarks during broadcasts, and Daesung’s illegal entertainment business.  

Nevertheless, it was because of its unique hip music that Big Bang was able to survive for more than a decade. Big Bang is one of the second-generation representative idols. It debuted in the 2000s, the heyday of idols, and pioneered a new path in the boy group market, focusing on its ability to produce its own music.

Big Bang disband
Photo provided by YG Entertainment

At the time, when idols mainly focused on performance music, Big Bang was different. G-Dragon invested in their beat and sound. Beyond hip-hop music, he took the lead in various genres such as R&B and electronic to lead the music industry trend. They also have songs suspected of plagiarism, but Big Bang’s music was always praised thanks to G-Dragon‘s talent.  

Trendy and hip-hop songs led the Big Bang to the top. Many hit songs have been released, including “Lie,” “Last Farewell,” “Haru Haru,” “FANTASIC BABY,” and “BANG BANG BANG.” G-Dragon and Taeyang have also established themselves as solo singers and the group have shown top performances in units such as GD & Taeyang and GD & Top.  

Then, what is the impact of the current Big Bang? Unlike in the past, when it could overcome controversy with its strong fandom and musicality, now the public’s opinions are divided into likes and dislikes only by the news of the group’s comeback. This is because Big Bang has been stained with various illegal issues beyond the public’s trust in their musicality.

The current music market is led by 3rd and 4th generation idols. BTS is leading the global music market with “BTS Pop,” which is popular around the world. NCT, Stray Kids, Seventeen, aespa, TWICE, and BLACKPINK have also gained success around the world with their own genres.  

Big Bang disband
G-Dragon, TOP, Taeyang, Daesung

Big Bang has become a “has-been.” G-Dragon and Taeyang, who were active as soloists, have been working on music after being discharged from the military, but have not made any significant results. Taeyang spent time as Min Hyo-rin‘s husband and G-Dragon making limited edition sneakers as a designer. They had enough time but showed nothing significant through music.

To borrow YG’s words, BIGBANG wakes up from a long hibernation and finally returns. As Big Bang is stained with various illegal issues, when the news of the comeback was announced, the reactions were clearly divided into ‘I don’t like it’ and ‘I like it’. Big Bang’s comeback won’t just end with the public’s likes and dislikes as they are highly likely to decide whether or not the team will survive with this album.

Big Bang disband

If the returning Big Bang fails to keep up with the current trend of the K-pop market, it will go into hibernation again. The task of this comeback is to broaden the position of Big Bang, which has shrunk. Unlike the 2nd generation, which only entered the Asian market, the 3rd and 4th generation idols also dominated the American and European markets, bringing K-pop to the mainstream.

The characteristic of current idols is that they carry out global activities based on new media platforms.  As online media has been further enhanced due to the COVID-19 situation, Big Bang’s position, which is weak on the platform, has also decreased. The fact that they haven’t done much since canceling their comeback appearance at the 2020 Coachella Festival in the US is clear proof of the crisis Big Bang faces.

Leader G-Dragon has already thought about the end of the Big Bang. “If they don’t think we’re cool, or the moment we hear they say ‘Aren’t those guys weird,” Big Bang will stop. If we’re not considered cool anymore, it’s over.” Rotten water is difficult to purify, and it is not easy to find their lost charm.

Big Bang disband

The fandom culture has also developed. It’s important for fans to idolize someone they can look up to. In the eyes of the younger generation, Big Bang is an old idol group involved in crime. Big Bang is only seen as a ‘rotten apple’ that will become a subject of controversy. If the public’s mind cannot be changed, Big Bang can no longer continue.


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