Seungri’s imprisonment sentence got reduced from 3 years to 1 year 6 months, acknowledged all charges

BIGBANG’s ex-member Seungri, who was indicted on nine charges including prostitution mediation, got his sentence halved in the appeal trial.  


According to Nocut News on Jan 27th, the High Military Court of the Ministry of National Defense held an appeal trial on Seungri earlier in the day and sentenced him to one and a half years in prison.

Earlier in August last year, the Yongin Ground Operations Command Common Military Court (Prime Judge Hwang Min-je) sentenced Seungri, who was accused of nine charges including prostitution meditation, to 3 years in prison. In addition, Seungri was ordered an additional fine of 1.15 billion won.

Seungri, who objected to the first trial’s ruling, appealed in October last year, and the military prosecution also submitted a letter of appeal. Initially, Seungri was soon to be discharged from the military on September 16th, but after the appeal, the military court took charge of an additional trial of Seungri. He was then suspended from the military and is currently imprisoned in a military prison. 

big bang seungri jail

Seungri is accused of nine charges: violation of the Act on the Aggravated Punishment of Specific Economic Crimes, violation of the Food Sanitation Act, occupational embezzlement, and punishment of sexual violence crimes (using camera, etc. to record), prostitution mediation, habitual gambling, foreign exchange law, and purchase of prostitution. 

Earlier, Seungri denied all charges except for violations of the Foreign Exchange Transaction Act, but reportedly admitted all charges and expressed his intention to reflect on them in the second trial.

The second trial court sentenced Seungri to one year and six months in prison, unlike the first trial’s ruling, considering that he admitted all charges and reflected on his reflection.

Attention is focusing on whether Seungri will object to the appeal ruling or whether the appeal ruling will be finalized as it is. 

Meanwhile, if Seungri’s appeal judgment is confirmed, Seungri will be released after completing the remaining one year of service as he has served about five months in prison.

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