Korean media discuss the activities of YG artists, “Jo Woo Jae is indeed the busiest artist in YG”

K-media points out the sluggish performance of YG artists.

Rumors of iKON Bobby not renewing his contract with YG Entertainment recently broke out. Despite the agency’s denial, many people still suspect the possibility of the rumors.

ikon Bobby

iKON previously suffered the departure of B.I, who caused a drug scandal. If even Bobby, the talented rapper who won “Show Me The Money 3”, left iKON, which has already lost the member who produced for the team, the impact would be great enough to worry about whether the group can continue activities. 

ikon b.i

iKON members are not the only YG artists who are facing a crisis. WINNER experienced the withdrawal of former key member Nam Tae Hyun and was reorganized into a 4-member group. With Song Min Ho as the most famous member, WINNER later gained back attention gradually and love from the public for their team’s unique color. However, the recent dating rumors of member Kang Seung Yoon caused a stir among fans.

Two members of TREASURE recently announced their departure. Bang Ye Dam, who was famous as a former “K-pop Star” contestant, and Japanese member Mashiho officially left TREASURE and the group is continuing their activities with only 10 members. 


In the meantime, BLACKPINK, YG’s most active group at this moment, proved their global influence by winning two awards at the MTV EMA Awards. 

However, noisy issues related to their recent concert tour still arose for some reasons. Rumors of Jisoo’s health problem and controversies over the members’ repeated choreography mistakes during their “BORN PINK” tour drew keen attention online. Nevertheless, YG reported that BLACKPINK is still doing well with their world tour, which will attract 1.5 million audiences – the highest record for a K-pop girl group.


BIG BANG is obviously the origin of YG, but the members have presented no significant activities since the release of “Still Life” in February. Unless G-Dragon and Taeyang carry out album promotions, BIG BANG is nothing more than an emblem of YG.


In today’s K-pop industry, which is competitive as new groups that will lead the 4th generation from big to small and medium-sized agencies are debuting one after another, YG has no other cash cow to replace the position of BLACKPINK if the girl group went on hiatus. Also, they have not yet produced any artists to lead the 4th generation. Having been rumored to make their debut since last year, new girl group Baby Monster is said to be introduced next year but the exact time of their debut is still unknown.

In fact, the busiest YG artist these days is none other than model-actor-entertainer Jo Woo Jae. Joo Woo Jae is active on all kinds of broadcasts, regardless of terrestrial channels, cable channels, and web entertainment shows. He is actually working more enthusiastically than many representative celebrities at YG. If YG idols are losing their heat, why doesn’t the company recruit entertainers and focus on fostering “the second Jo Woo Jae”?

Source: Daum

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