Korean actresses who looks perfect while playing different versions of the same roles

K-dramas and Korean movies often recruit two different actresses to play one character in different stages of life, and some combinations are just perfect matches.

Kim Yoo Jung – Han Hyo Joo

Kim Yoo Jung Han Hyo Joo

Kim Yoo Jung and Han Hyo Joo, who are said to resemble each other, have actually worked together twice. In particular, when Kim Yoo Jung was just a child, she played the younger version of Han Hyo Joo in the hit K-drama “Iljimae”. Then, as Kim Yoo Jung enters her 20s, Han Hyo Joo plays the older version of her in the recently released movie “20th Century Girl”. 

20th Century Girl

Despite being 12 years old apart, it is no exaggeration to say that Han Hyo Joo and Kim Yoo Jung look like siblings, with an extremely bright smile that can draw the audience in. Hopefully, they will get to appear in the same frame in a future project. 

Kim Yoo Jung – Han Ga In

Kim Yoo Jung Han Ga In

Since she started out as a child actress, Kim Yoo Jung has played the younger version of many top stars, including Han Ga In in the mega hit historical drama “The Moon Embracing The Sun”. When the drama aired 10 years ago, both Yoo Jung and Han Ga In exuded an innocent and elegant vibe, making them the perfect match to play the same character. 

Kim Yoo Jung Han Ga In

In fact, it can be said that Kim Yoo Jung’s role as Huh Yeon Woo in “The Moon Embracing The Sun” is her great push as a child actress, cementing her position as a top actress today. 

Moon Geun Young – Song Hye Kyo

As both Moon Geun Young and Song Hye Kyo are prominent actresses now, many will be surprised to learn that they used to play the younger and older version of female lead Eun Suh in the classic K-drama “Autumn in My Heart”. Here, Moon Geun Young pulled off excellently the role of a weak and kind Eun Suh, even earning the title of the “nation’s little sister” after the drama. Meanwhile, “Autumn In My Heart” was a game-changer for Song Hye Kyo, turning her from a popular actress to the reigning star despite her then young age.  

Park Shin Hye – Choi Ji Woo

Another brilliant combination of the 2000s was Park Shin Hye and Choi Ji Woo, who both play the female lead Jung Suh of “Stairway to Heaven”. Despite being a rookie at the time, Park Shin Hye pulled off the cute and adorable little girl Jung Suh perfectly, while Choi Ji Woo added a persisting strength and melancholy to the adult Jung Suh, who lost her memory and was separated from her family. 

Kim Doyeon – Jun Ji Hyun

Nicknamed “little Jun Ji Hyun”, it came as no surprise that Doyeon made for the perfect younger version of Jun Ji Hyun in “Jirisan” (also known as “Mount Jiri”). Playing the teenage Seo Yi Kang, Doyeon didn’t have a lot of screen time, but she still managed to show off her own charms and outstanding visuals, proving her title of “little Jun Ji Hyun”. 

In fact, when put together side by side, Jun Ji Hyun and Doyeon look like the same person in different stages of life. 

Kim So Hyun – Son Ye Jin

Kim So Hyun - Son Ye Jin

Once nicknamed “little Son Ye Jin”, Kim So Hyun got to work together with Son Ye Jin in the movie “The Last Prince”, playing the younger and older version of princess Deok Hye. With their “classical” beauty, Kim So Hyun and Son Ye Jin radiated a vibe of elegance, regalty, and sadness, making them perfect matches to play Korea’s last princess. 

In addition, there are a lot of similarities between Kim So Hyun and Son Ye Jin’s facial features, which help to further tie together the story of the life of Deok Hye. Hopefully, Kim So Hyun will be able to follow in her senior’s footsteps and become a legendary face of the Korean screen.

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