Ko Woo Rim reveals his love story, “I lost all my friends after winning the heart of ‘figure skating queen’ Kim Yuna”

Ko Woo Rim talked about how his love with Kim Yuna started.

Kim YuNa’s husband Ko Woo Rim guested on the August 27th broadcast of SBS’s entertainment program “My Little Old Boy”. As soon as Ko Woo Rim showed up, the mothers of “My Little Old Boy” poured compliments on his visual. 

Go Woo-rim

Earlier, the two met for the first time at an Ice Show in 2018 then developed into lovers. They announced their marriage after three years of dating and their wedding was hosted by Shin Dong Yup.

Shin Dong Yup said “The three of us had a meal together before their wedding and I found their love story so amazing”, adding “Ko Woo Rim fell in love at first sight with Kim Yu Na after seeing her ie skating performance. When Kim Yuna came to thank him, Ko Woo Rim gained all his courage to confess because he thought he would regret it for his entire life if he did not do it.”

Go Woo-rim

Ko Woo Rim continued, “I’m younger than Yuna so I was very worried about confessing my heart. I was afraid that I would not sound sincere enough. However, I tried to approach her with a mature attitude and expressed my feelings.”

He added, “I’m a homebody and I don’t smoke nor have appointments with friends. I stayed like that from the beginning of our relationship until now and I think my wife likes it”. Hearing that, Seo Jang Hoon asked, “You’re proud of having no friends? Did you cut contact with all your friends to win the heart of Kim Yuna?”. In response, Ko Woo Rim smiled and said, “Well, something like that”.

Source: Naver

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