Kim Young Dae served legendary visuals and looked like he was shooting a pictorial at the Blue Dragon Series Awards 

Kim Young Dae came out on stage to present an award and stunned everyone with his looks. 

At the Blue Dragon Series Awards held in Paradise City, Incheon on July 19th, actor Kim Young Dae attended as one of the presenters. He appeared on stage to present the Entertainment awards.

As Kim Young Dae stood in front of many people, he seemed to be nervous. At the same time, his radiant and handsome appearance caught the attention. 

Kim Young Dae with his long hair and an all-black suit gives off an innocent yet chic atmosphere. His sharp nose and jawline exuded a high class, difficult to approach aura.

Contrary to his classy appearance, Kim Young Dae held the script tight in his hands as if he was very nervous and couldn’t take his eyes off it, causing a lot of laughter. Kim Young Dae’s action of bent down to speak since the microphone was too low made many female fans flutter.

Let’s all take a look at the photos of actor Kim Young Dae, who brightly lit the awards ceremony with his extraordinary visuals.

Source: insight

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