Kim Ye-won, the scene stealer of “Narco-Saints”: “There are many people who didn’t know it was me, which is a success”

Kim Ye-won appeared in MBC FM4U’s “Kim Shin-young’s Hope Song at Noon.” 

In MBC FM4U’s “Kim Shin-young’s Hope Song at Noon,” which aired on Sep 20th (Mon), Kim Ye-won introduced and talked about Netflix’s original series “Narco-Saints” in the “We serve you” corner.

DJ Kim Shin-young welcomed her with a cheery introduction, saying, “Kim Ye-won is a scene stealer who transformed into ‘The Wife’ in ‘Narco-Saints’. She is not here as Jewelry’s Kim Ye-won, but as Kim Ye-won, the actress of ‘Narco-Saints’ that won the chart on Netflix.”

Kim Ye-won

When Kim Shin-young said, “I didn’t recognize Ye-won at first after watching ‘Narco-Saints’,” Kim Ye-won said, “There were quite a few people around me who didn’t know it was me. So I thought it was very successful for me,” she responded.

Kim Ye-won

When Kim Shin-young exclaimed, “The tone of your acting has changed as well. That’s why I didn’t recognize you,” Kim Ye-won said, “I was actually very worried that I had to receive makeup layouts and hairstyle that are a little old and did it in line with the retro background. I was worried that it would look too awkward.” Kim Shin-young then said, “No. You were like a person who was there at that time,” Kim Ye-won said, “Then it’s a big success for me.”

Kim Shin-young said, “It’s not a touching scene, but I felt moved for some reason. I realized ‘Oh, it’s Ye-won, good for her’ and I was moved by seeing you,” she said, adding, “Isn’t this your first radio schedule since appearing in ‘Narco-Saints’?” Kim Ye-won said, “That’s right. It was released during Chuseok, and the first program that contacted me after that was ‘Hope Song at Noon’. I love it.”


“When I searched for Ye-won’s interview, she mentioned Sunny of Girls’ Generation, Go Woo-ri of Rainbow, and me as her close celebrity friends. Thank you,” Kim Shin-young said, to which Kim Ye-won replied, “I am grateful. Isn’t it an ambiguous definition to say whether you’re close to someone or not? But when I see someone for the first time in a long time but can still share my story with them, then we are close,” she said.

Source: Daum

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