Kim Woobin did it all from variety shows, dramas, to movies, thank you for being so enthusiastic

Actor Kim Woo-bin has made a perfect return to the public.

Just as many people had waited for the return of actor Kim Woo-bin, Kim Woo-bin filled both the first and second half of 2022 with news about his works.

Kim Woo-bin

First, Kim Woo-bin started his return to showbiz through the entertainment show “Boss By Chance 2.” Viewers expressed their support and looked forward to seeing a welcoming face on entertainment shows after a long time and a friendly “human Kim Woo-bin”. Kim Woo-bin showed his sense and calmness even in the giant mart to help the bosses hard while his unique kindness and delicate consideration to treat customers of all ages draw enthusiastic reviews every episode. The show’s viewer rating was also around 7%, proving his popularity.

Kim Woo-bin then appeared as the friendly and sweet-by-nature captain Park Jung-joon, who was born and raised in Jeju in the drama “Our Blues”. As he plays an unfamiliar role of a ship captain, who is in contrast to his previous strong roles, he does not mind the short-sleeved tanning and tries his earnest to make a perfect comeback to the drama industry by adding life and details to his acting. “The innocent” Jung Joon of Pureung Village, who visited viewers like the spring breeze with his attractive low voice and emotional eye acting, gave Kim Woo-bin another representative character which is surrounded by deep lingering feelings and warm healing.  

our blues

In addition, through the first part of his first return film “Alienoid,” which was released in July, he perfectly executed four roles all by himself, drawing admiration. Kim Woo-bin, who played the two opposite characters, “Guard” and “Thunder,” and even showed great action scenes, is receiving a hot response by playing the role of a father for the first time. 

What stood out in his constant schedule was Kim Woo-bin’s changed mindset and a more relaxed appearance. In particular, Kim Woo-bin, who took care of the fans who have been waiting for him despite his busy schedule, held a gift event for fans as well as planned group viewing events. 

Kim Woo-bin

As such, Kim Woo-bin is continuing his activities with a happy mind while focusing on the present. He is preparing to film an OTT work with Netflix’s “Delivery Driver” amid the attention toward his acting activities as he promises more active and diverse aspects in the future.

Source: daum

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