“I will own her even if I have to kill her”, Kim Tae-hyun, who murdered a mother and two daughters in Nowon, considered his stalking crime as a behavior of love

Channel A’s “Black: I Saw the Devil” delved into the shameless inner of Kim Tae-hyun, who called his delusion about stalking ‘love’ and developed his crime from stalking into murder.

In “Black: I Saw the Devil”, which aired on June 3rd, they looked at the whereabouts of Kim Tae-hyun, a criminal who caused a great stir in the whole nation with the so-called “The murder of three mother and daughters in Nowon” that killed three members of a family last year. Kim Tae-hyun shocked everyone as he killed the woman she met through a game, her sister and her mother. 

Kim Tae-hyun and the victim met twice to play games together and for the third time, they played games with some friends. Noticing Kim Tae-hyun show strange obsession at a meeting with friends, the victim rejected Kim Tae-hyun and blocked him. However, Kim Tae-hyun continued his stalking behaviors, such as finding the victim’s home address, because of his perverse obsession, and felt betrayed by the fact that the victim was still meeting other friends except him. He exploded with anger for the victim and eventually decided to kill her.

Black: I Saw The Devil

Regarding Kim Tae-hyun, who claimed that his relationship with the victim was a “potential romantic relationship”, Choi Gwi-hwa guessed, “His excessive delusion seems to have evolved into stalking behaviors”. Profiler Kwon Il-yong said, “When their obsession becomes more serious, the idea like ‘I’d rather destroy the victim’s life rather than losing the connection with them’. Their psychology creates a distorted judgment that says ‘I will own that person even if I have to kill them’”, explaining the common characteristic of stalking criminals.

Black: I Saw The Devil

Kim Tae-hyun, who claimed that the victim was the reason for his crime, stated, “It was an accident and impulsive crime”, but the truth turned out to be different. Kim Tae-hyun logged into the game with a different ID and approached the victim to identify her days off. On the day before the holiday when the victim didn’t go to work, Kim Tae-hyun set it as the date of his crime as he detected no abnormalities. He stole the tools from a mart to avoid tracking. After learning the exact position of the carotid artery that can make a fatal attack at once, he disguised himself as a deliveryman and visited the victim’s house.

There was only the victim’s younger sister at home at that time so Kim Tae-hyun killed the sister first and then did the same to the victim’s mother when she returned home. After killing the victim who returned home late at night, he deleted the conversation history on the victim’s cellphone and blocked her acquaintances. After committing his crime, Kim Tae-hyun stayed at the victim’s house for two days, drank beer and milk in the refrigerator, and even slept there.

Black: I Saw The Devil

Regarding Kim Tae-hyun’s claim of an accidental crime, profiler Kwon Il-young firmly said, “There were numerous circumstances and evidence to confirm that it was a thoroughly planned crime. There was no sign of impulsion.” He continued, “Kim Tae-hyun identified the position of the carotid artery that can cause fatal injuries. All the victims died with stab wounds on their necks”, emphasizing that Kim Tae-hyun’s purpose was clearly seen.

In the end, Kim Tae-hyun was arrested after the victim’s friend reported. Kim Tae-hyun stabbed himself in the neck upon hearing the sound of the police coming to the scene. 15 minutes later, he appeared looking fine. Kwon Il-young pointed out why Kim Tae-hyun could not kill himself, saying “When he stabbed himself in the neck, he didn’t hit the part that would cause a fatal problem.”

Black: I Saw The Devil

On the photo line, Kim Tae-hyun suddenly knelt down after asking the police to release his arms, saying “I feel that I’m guilty. I’m sorry”, shocking everyone with his shameless remark. Regarding Kim Tae-hyun, who took off his mask without hesitation at the reporter’s request, profiler Kwon analyzed, “Based on his idea that the cause of the crime was the victim, that’s a nonverbal expression that explains his crime as ‘I’m not a shameless person’. Guest Heo Young-ji angrily said, “This is so disgusting. This is not an apology, reflection, or acknowledgment of his crime but a sense of superiority.”

In the end, Kim Tae-hyun was sentenced to life imprisonment by the Supreme Court in April this year, but his stalking behavior was classified as a “misdemeanor”. The day after Kim Tae-hyun committed the murder, the National Assembly passed the stalking punishment law, resulting in a sentence of five years in prison and a fine of 50 million won in maximum, but this was not the case for Kim Tae-hyun, who committed the crime before that. Even before the incident, Kim Tae-hyun had already committed another stalking crime. Storyteller Jang Jin said, “Kim Tae-hyun considered his crime as love. He’s a shameless man who stalked the victim and damaged other women”, adding “We hope that the awareness of stalking crimes will improve and that victims who are still suffering from stalking will be able to breathe comfortably with strict punishment for the stalkers.”

Black: I Saw The Devil

Source: Daum

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