Kim Soo Hyun’s Wedding Photo Revealed: Bride’s Beauty Steals the Spotlight

Kim Soo Hyun’s wedding photo in his new drama attracts attention because of the bride’s beauty.

Recently, the first photos from Kim Soo Hyun’s upcoming drama have been capturing attention. In a wedding photo, Kim Soo Hyun appears dashing in a groom’s outfit, standing beside his bride. Kim Soo Hyun boasts youthfulness reminiscent of his early debut days.

However, the bride’s appearance in the wedding photo is even more attention-grabbing. This photo is from the upcoming drama “Queen of Tears,” and the female lead is Kim Ji Won. Kim Ji Won in the white wedding gown looks absolutely gorgeous, almost unrecognizable from her exhausted appearance in “My Liberation Notes.”

On the other hand, Kim Ji Won will become Kim Soo Hyun’s wife in “Queen of Tears.” The new drama from tvN revolves around the love story between Baek Hyun Woo and Hong Hae In. Hyun Woo is the director of Queens Corporation, also the pride of his small hometown. Hae In, his wife, is the daughter of the conglomerate managing the Queens Corporation. They overcome social barriers and face challenges together. The drama is expected to be released in the later half of this year.

kim so hyun
The highly anticipated Kim-Kim couple in “Queen of Tears”

Source: k14

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