Kim Shin-young talked about her health problems, “I used to sweat a lot but it stopped after I lost 38kg”

Kim Shin-young revealed that her physical constitution changed after losing weight.

MBS FM4U’s “Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope”, which aired on October 14th, featured EXID, the girl group that recently released their 10th-anniversary album “X”, as a guest.

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On the broadcast, Jeonghwa, the only EXID member who is still in her 20s, confessed, “I can feel how I’m getting older. I sweat more than before. I actually didn’t sweat much as if I didn’t have any pores. Even when we sang 5 songs in a row. However, I recently found my face turning red while practicing for the first time.”

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In response, Kim Shin-young explained, “That’s a good thing”, adding “It means your circulation is working well”. Jeonghwa exclaimed “So I become healthier as I get older” as if she just realized a new fact.

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Kim Shin-young then shared, “I used to sweat a lot when I was young, but it stopped after I lost weight. Now, it only sweats on my back. There is no more sweat in my armpits”. When Hyerin said her hands and feet were cold, Kim Shin-young said, “I can’t sleep because my hands and feet are too hot. I’m only sweating on my back now”, adding “In that case, you should consume more lactic acid. I’m having Gongjin-dan (a traditional herbal medicine) regularly”, drawing laughter with her suggestion.

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Meanwhile, Kim Shin-young previously revealed that she lost 38kg and has maintained a body in good shape for 13 years. 

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