After 6 years, Seo Ha Joon honestly confessed about his “body cam video controversy”

Actor Seo Ha Joon has been candid about his “body cam controversy” after 6 years. 

On October 4th, Seo Ha Joon had an interview with Wikitree at a cafe in Gangnam-gu, Seoul to celebrate the end of the MBC daily drama “The Secret House”.

“The Secret House”, in which Seo Ha Joon appeared, aired its final episode on October 10th. 

Seo Ha-joon

The drama depicts a detailed revenge in which a poor lawyer follows the traces of his missing mother and walks into the secrets surrounding him to fight against the world.

Seo Ha Joon is a familiar face in daily K-dramas, especially after appearances in “Princess Aurora”, “Only Love”, “Marrying My Daughter Twice”, “Want A Taste?”, and “Phoenix 2020”. 

Regarding his works, Seo Ha Joon said, “Even if daily dramas are physically demanding, there is a lot to learn from the cast members.”

Seo Ha-joon

“In daily dramas, events occur frequently and the narrative is long, so while filming, you gain a wider perspective of the work. You can learn to make your own time to breathe and calculate where to enter the work”, he explained.

When asked if he wanted to star in a mini-series, Seo Ha Joon honestly confessed, “It’s a slightly different direction, but the purpose is the same. I want to act in a system rather than breaking things down to genres like ‘I want to do a mini-series’ and ‘I want to do a movie’.”

He continued, “Daily drama is a system where you film in a set for two days and then film outdoors for two days. It’s true that doing daily dramas can deplete your physical strength. That’s why I reuse my old tone or utilize ‘cheat keys’.”

Seo Ha-joon

Then, the actor added, “As we don’t have time to research and ponder, there are some parts that we have to take out from somewhere else. I also want to continue researching and creating new things.”

Seo Ha Joon then made a more serious expression as he discussed the damage of his “body cam leak”, which was a controversy in 2016. 

In particular, when asked how he overcame after the video leak, Seo Ha Joon said, “Overcoming it was thanks to my family.If a person has any events or difficulties, he or she must overcome them, and in order to do so, he or she must have a driving force.”

Seo Ha-joon

“For me, the driving force was my family. The fans and people who cheered for me also helped a lot. With their support, I shouldn’t have collapsed. I thought I need to overcome it and repay them,” the actor expressed.

It turns out that Seo Ha-jun was the head of the family, as the actor revealed, “I live with my mother and younger sister, so I am responsible for the livelihood of my family.”

Seo Ha Joon, who showed his acting of marrying for revenge in the play, said about his actual marriage, “I don’t have any thoughts about marriage yet.I don’t think I can take responsibility yet. I think now is the time for me to take responsibility for myself before considering such a big action.”

Seo Ha-joon

About the character he wants to study in the future, Seo Ha Joon said, “I want to try many characters, but what I felt while doing this work was to try a character that can be seen close to reality. I wonder how close I can get to him, and on the contrary, I also want to try to play a villain with a bitter and strong personality.”

Source: wikitree

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