Kim Seon-ho to be absent from the 2021 AAA: “He has thought hard, and decided it’s still too early”

Actor Kim Seon-ho, who has been embroiled in controversy over his private life, will not attend the awards night.

According to AtStyle on Nov 30th, Kim Seon-ho will not attend the “2021 Asia Artist Awards” (2021 AAA) on Dec 2nd. The spokesperson from Kim Seon-ho’s side told the media, “Kim Seon-ho has been struggling to decide whether he should attend the award ceremony until recently, but has decided not to attend because he thought it was still too early yet.”

Kim Seon-ho to be absent from the 2021 AAA

At the 2021 AAA, Kim Seon-ho won 2 awards in the male actor category of  ‘RET Popularity Awards” and the “U+Idol Live Popularity Award”. In the popularity award category, which was decided by online fan voting, Km Seon-ho ranked 1st among the male actors, drawing keen attention to whether he will attend the award ceremony or not.

However, Kim seems to have decided that it would still be burdensome for him to appear in public as it has not been long since he stopped all public apprance due to his controversy. In October, Kim Seon-ho was embroiled in a controversy over his personal life, including his ex-girlfriend claiming to have had an abortion because of him.

Kim Seon-ho to be absent from the 2021 AAA

The woman complained that she had been dating Kim Seon-ho since last year. After she got pregnant, she had no choice but to have an abortion as Kim Seon-ho forced her to. Kim Seon-ho then responded to the situation, saying, “I met her with good feelings, but I’m sorry for having hurt her with my carelessness and inconsiderate behavior.” However, the harsh public opinion recently turned around in favor of Kim Seon-ho and the suspended advertisements were resumed again as the contents of his messages with his ex-girlfriend were posted online.

Kim Seon-ho to be absent from the 2021 AAA

Kim Seon-ho will also resume his appearance in his 1st silver screen debut “Sad Tropical” which is set to start filming in December.

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