Kim Sae-ron was with a passenger when she caused the drunk driving accident. The identity of that person is…?

It is known that Kim Sae-ron was accompanied by a passenger at the time of the accident.

On May 19th, YTN revealed, “The female passenger who was with Kim Sae-ron at the time of the accident is an ordinary person, not someone working in the entertainment industry.”


According to reports, the person who accompanied Kim Sae-ron when she caused the accident is Ms. Kim, a woman and non-celebrity in her 20s. The police investigating Kim Sae-ron’s case are considering whether to charge Kim with aiding and abetting drunk driving because she was in the car together with Kim Sae-ron at the time of the accident. 

Kim Sae-ron

If Kim is convicted of aiding and abetting drunk driving, she could be sentenced to up to one and a half years in prison or fined up to 5 million won.

Earlier, netizens raised speculations about the passenger in Kim Sae-ron’s case. Some called out actress Kim Bo-ra, pointing out that she posted a photo taken with Kim Sae-ron at a filming set one day before the accident. However, the suspicion ended when Kim Bo-ra indirectly denied it through Instagram.

Kim Bo-ra

On May 18th, Kim Sae-ron reportedly tried to flee away after hitting the guardrail, an electric transformer, and street trees when driving near Hakdong Intersection in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, cutting off the electricity for 4 shopping malls and streetlights in the nearby buildings. Fortunately, there was no casualty.


Kim Sae-ron restricted the comment function on her Instagram shortly after her drunk driving incident was reported. Her agency Gold Medalist also made an official position on the 19th, “We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by Kim Sae-ron’s drunk driving accident.”

Source: wikitree

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