Kim Sae-ron is self-reflecting after the drunk driving incident, it is the police who updated the public about her situation

The recent status of actress Kim Sae-ron, who was booked on charges of drunk driving, is announced through the police.

Gangnam Police Station in Seoul announced on Jun 7th that they had summoned Kim Sae-ron for questioning on charges of drunk driving and negligence after the accident on Jun 4th.

A police official said, “Kim Sae-ron admitted the charges,” adding, “We will send this to the prosecution as soon as the investigation is completed.”

Kim Sae-ron

Earlier on the 18th of last month, Kim Sae-ron was caught by the police after drinking and taking the wheel, causing a car accident that hit guardrails, a transformer unit, and a street tree.

At that time, Kim Sae-ron tested positive through the on-site drinking monitors, but it was reported that she refused to measure the blood alcohol concentration and insisted on a blood collection test.

Accordingly, the blood collection analysis by the National Forensic Service showed that Kim Sae-ron’s blood alcohol concentration was enough to get her license revoked.

Kim Sae-ron

Since then, Kim Sae-ron has been self-reflecting after posting a handwritten apology on her Instagram on Jun 19th and dropping out of the drama that she was scheduled to appear in.

Source: Wikitree

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