Kim Sae Ron to be forwarded to prosecution on charges of drunk driving and failure to take action

After Kim Sae Ron’s blood test results came out, the police proceeded with the next step in the investigation. 

According to the Gangnam Police Station on June 1st, Kim Sae Ron and a passenger in her car will be handed over to the prosecution on charges of driving under the influence of alcohol and not taking action after the accident. 

Kim Sae-ron

The day before, the police received Kim Sae Ron’s blood alcohol test result from the National Forensic Service. The result showed that the amount of alcohol in her blood when she was driving exceeded 0.08%, which was at the level of license revocation.

Kim Sae Ron crashed into an electric transformer while driving drunk on a road in Gangnam, Seoul at 8 am KST on May 18th. Kim Sae Ron then fled the scene in a broken car and was eventually caught by the police. 

kim sae ron

The police confirmed that Kim Sae Ron was drinking through a breathalyzer at the scene. In the process of measuring the blood alcohol concentration, Kim Sae Ron asked to undergo a blood test and later did it at a nearby hospital.

The fact that she requested a blood test when she was caught drunk driving was as shocking as drunk driving.  There is a myth among some drivers that blood alcohol levels can be lowered by taking time to have their blood collected for a test rather than taking a breath test on the spot. It was disappointing that Kim Sae Ron used this trick of ‘taking time’. 

After the CCTV footage was released, Kim Sae Ron’s accident caused a bigger stir, as it captured the dangerous situation at the time of the accident. A black SUV driven by Kim Sae Ron exited the alley and hit the transformer. The fence surrounding the transformer was also shattered and the transformer was destroyed.

kim sae ron

Kim Sae Ron was drunk driving at 8 in the morning, which was the time people went to work. If she had rushed toward the road or crashed into a nearby store, instead of a transformer, there was a possibility it would result in a life accident, not just property damages. 

Due to Kim Sae Ron’s accident, the transformer broke and at the same time a nearby store went out of power. The electricity was cut off, and nearby stores were not able to do business for 3-4 hours in the morning. Kim Sae Ron’s side informed KEPCO that she would compensate for the transformer she destroyed. KEPCO notified Kim Sae Ron that it would cost about 20 million won to replace the transformer, and the compensation procedure is being discussed.

Kim Sae Ron remained silent after the accident took place and only posted an apology two days later. She said in a handwritten letter, “With my wrong judgment and actions, I have caused damage to so many people, including merchants, citizens, and restoration workers. I will do my best to resolve it.”

Kim Sae Ron, who gained fame through the movie ‘The Man from Nowhere’, used to be a beloved child actress that represents the phrase ‘Thank you for growing up well’. But after this drunk driving accident, she has directly destroyed her image and career. Turns out, she didn’t grow up so well. 


Most celebrities caught drunk driving, whether they are actors, singers, or comedians, quietly return to the industry and resume their activities after self-reflection for a certain period of time. Kim Sae Ron is also likely to make a comeback after a hiatus once the case is resolved and the compensation process is completed, like her drunk driving seniors. Although she may be able to return, it is not easy to get attention. For an actor whose image extremely matters, and especially for a 22-year-old actor, a DUI accident will taint her image forever. 

Source: Daum

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