Kim Sae-ron’s biggest fall, the reason why her drunk driving accident is more serious than it should be

Kim Sae-ron has been criticized for the worst drunk driving accident.

Kim Sae-ron, a child star who began to gain attention after starring in the movie “The Man From Nowhere” with Won Bin, has to bow her head to apologize for a serious mistake at a relatively young age of 22. She is going through a time of self-reflection at a time when she needs to be active.


Kim Sae-ron ran away and got caught by the police after causing several accidents by driving a luxury foreign car near Hakdong Intersection in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, at 8 a.m. on May 18th after drinking alcohol. According to the CCTV footage released, Kim Sae-ron stumbled off-road and rushed toward the sidewalk and hit the transformer unit. She reportedly did not stop driving the vehicle even after the accident. At that time, the breathalyzer tested her positive for drinking, but Kim Sae-ron refused the police’s breathalyzer test and demanded a blood test. In particular, some pointed out that it was a trick to stall time, given that Kim Sae-ron herself demanded a blood test.


The aftermath of Kim Sae-ron’s drunk driving accident was directed at her next acting works. SBS’s new drama “Trolley” and Netflix’s original “Bloodhound” are on alert ahead of their filming. According to “Trolley” on May 19th, a day after the accident, Kim Sae-ron’s agency eventually apologized to the production team and they have decided to accept it. In order to prevent any flaws in their work, it was inevitable for the actress to drop out of the cast, but with the script reading already done, the production team of “Trolley” now has to urgently find a new actress.


If “Trolley” is still at the state of pre-filming, “Bloodhounds” is expected to suffer a bigger blow as much of its filming has been done. The “Bloodhounds” team said on May 18th, “We are currently in the middle of filming. Afterwards, the filming schedule will be adjusted, and we will announce the release schedule as soon as it is organized after sufficient discussion,” they said with caution.


One disappointing thing here was the complacent response of the agency. After the accident was reported on May 18th, Kim Sae-ron’s agency Gold Medalist said in its official announcement, “Kim Sae-ron has conducted a blood test for an accurate result, and was returned home without any other investigation after the test.” This was a ridiculous official position that did not include whether she drove under the influence of alcohol, an apology to the public, or an excuse for why she was drunk driving. It was a situation that almost led to a casualty accident during the rush hour. It was clear that she caused damage to many people by driving under the influence of alcohol, but the public was angry once again at her agency due to its official position which protects its artist who made a mistake rather than apologizing for her mistake.


A day later, as public criticism intensified, Kim Sae-ron’s agency once again made an official position. The agency explained the reason for the delay in its apology on May 19th, saying, “First of all, it took time for us to grasp the exact facts, which is why our official position was delayed.” The agency added, “We sincerely apologize for causing concern to everyone due to the accident caused by the drunk driving of actress Kim Sae-ron. Kim Sae-ron is deeply reflecting on her wrongdoings. Kim Sae-ron promised to express her sincere apology to people who suffered damage and inconvenience from this and to all those who are striving to restore the damaged public facilities.” Kim Sae-ron said, “I was returned home after a blood collection test yesterday (May 18th), and I will faithfully follow any police investigation afterward.” In addition, her agency continued, “We are also deeply responsible for the occurrence of such an incident. Once again, we apologize to everyone who suffered from this inconvenience. We will do our best to communicate and actively solve this in the future. We will try to be more careful in managing our artists to prevent this from happening again. Once again, we are sorry for causing you concern,” it said, promising to prevent any recurrence of such an incident.

Kim Sae-ron

The agency has made a belated apology. The public had already turned their backs on Kim Sae-ron. Regardless of the reason, if a celebrity, whose face is widely known, has caused a drunk driving accident, the first thing they should do is to apologize. However, more than 24 hours had passed before Kim Sae-ron and her agency finally bowed their heads. In other words, they have missed the golden time.

Kim Sae-ron

Even though there was no casualty, the accident had a lot of repercussions. Kim Sae-ron damaged a transformer unit in her accident, causing electricity to be cut off in about 50 places, including four surrounding buildings, traffic lights, and streetlights. As a result, it took four hours for a new transformer unit to be installed, and during that time, nearby shopping malls were unable to operate normally, causing financial damage. Kim Sae-ron, after waking up from the alcohol, took on a huge responsibility for those damages due to her wrong choice at that moment.

kim sae ron

This was not the end. Kim Sae-ron’s drunk driving also affected her best friend Kim Bo-ra. Actress Kim Bo-ra, Kim Sae-ron’s best friend, was summoned after news spread that there was another passenger when Kim Sae-ron caused the accident. In response, Kim Bo-ra indirectly denied this accusation in the late afternoon of May 18th, posting a gif with a shocked gesture on her Instagram story, saying, “Me?” As Kim Sae-ron refused to talk about the suspicion about the other passenger, there was one more innocent victim. According to the police, the passenger was known to be a non-celebrity woman in her 20s at the time of the accident, and the police will also investigate this person on suspicion of aiding and abetting drunk driving.

Kim Bo-ra

Kim Sae-ron has caused unprecedented inconvenience to her next work and best friend, as well as destroying public facilities because of her carelessness. Kim Sae-ron, once called a genius child actor, is unlikely to be seen for a while in the future.

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