Kim Jung Hyun said he doesn’t remember attitude controversy with Seohyun 5 years ago 

Actor Kim Jung Hyun is being condemned for denying his past scandal of poor attitude towards SNSD member Seohyun. 

Recently in the press conference for the upcoming K-drama “Kokdu: Season Of Deity”, actor Kim Jung Hyun mentioned his “attitude controversy” from 5 years ago and received criticism. 

In particular, when asked about the press conference for “Time” 5 years ago, where he ignored SNSD Seohyun’s interactions, Kim Jung Hyun said, “I don’t remember what happened 5 years ago, so it’s unfamiliar.”

The actor then went on to express his gratitude to MBC for allowing him to return, and didn’t bring up the “Time” incident again.

Kim Jung Hyun said that the scandal 5 years ago is “unfamiliar” 

At the same press conference, Kim Jung Hyun said he spent his hiatus on self-reflection and self-improvement. He also apologized for past actions and promised to better himself. This led to speculations that Kim Jung Hyun only acknowledged the “gas-lighting scandal” in 2021, where text messages between the actor and his former girlfriend, actress, Seo Ye Ji, were revealed. 

In particular, the “It’s Okay Not To Be Okay” actress can be seen telling Kim Jung Hyun to limit skinship with female staff members and co-stars. 

Kim Jung Hyun said he has reflected, yet ignored his “attitude controversy” with Seohyun

However, the fact that Kim Jung Hyun denied his actions towards Seohyun is rousing criticism from the public, who believe that the actor is avoiding responsibilities. 

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • He really said he doesn’t remember instead of apologizing
  • He is not being sincere at all
  • Kim Jung Hyun, is it really “unfamiliar” to you? I guess you haven’t reflected enough
  • Is it that hard to say sorry to Seohyun? 
  • He really said he forgot about it? My blood is boiling 
Kim Jung-hyun
Many netizens are angered about Kim Jung Hyun’s statement

Source: Daum, theqoo

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