“The Glory” Shin Ye Eun left a comment on Jung Ji So’s Instagram…Over-immersive fans were shocked

Shin Ye Eun, who appeared on actress Jung Ji So’s SNS, surprised fans who were overly immersed in “The Glory”.

Recently, Jung Ji So posted a picture on her Instagram with the caption, “What kind of day did you have today?”

Jung Ji-so

The photo showed Jung Ji So standing in front of the temperature measuring device. In particular, Jung Ji So attracted everyone’s attention by dyeing her hair pink from her previously bleached hair.

Shin Ye Eun, who played young Park Yeon Jin, who abused young Moon Dong Eun (played by Jung Ji So) in “The Glory“, appeared in this post.

Shin Ye Eun commented with aegyo, “Ji Do (Ji So) ah, why did your hair become pink pink?” Jung Ji So replied, “I tried pink pink to refresh myself while taking a break.”

Jung Ji-so Shin Ye-eun

Fans, who are still overly immersed in the work, showed reactions such as “I can’t believe they’re close”, “In reality, they’re both so cute”…

Meanwhile, “The Glory” has been popular since it was released on Dec 30th last year. It has been consistently topping Netflix Korea’s chart.


“The Glory” is a Netflix series about a woman whose soul was broken by school violence during her childhood, as she carefully prepared her whole life for a revenge plan and the story of those who fall into the vortex. Part 2 will be released on March 10th.

Source: insight

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