Kim Joon-ho and Kim Ji-min’s relationship history: from colleagues to CEO and artist to lovers

Comedian Kim Joon-ho and comedian Kim Ji-min recently publicized their dating relationship.

Since they have developed into lovers from being long-time senior and junior at work, attention is being paid to whether they will walk the same path as other comedian couples. 

As a result of the YTN Star interview on April 3rd, Kim Joon-ho and Kim Ji-min have recently developed into lovers and started dating. The two have often revealed their close relationship on broadcasts as they have worked together since Kim Ji-min was an aspiring rookie comedian. 

Kim Jun-ho-Kim Ji-min

First of all, Kim Joon-ho is the comedian from KBS 14th open recruitment, while Kim Ji-min is from the 21st KBS open recruitment. They have worked together in many corners of “Gag Concert” such as “Bbom Entertainment” and “YOLO B&B.” In addition, the two have enjoyed the heyday of “Gag Concert” since Coco Entertainment‘s days as the CEO of the agency and its artist. 

Both of them often mentioned each other on TV, drawing attention. First of all, Kim Joon-ho drew laughter by saying that he used his juniors as a pretext to buy beef for his junior Kim Ji-min on MBC Everyone’s “Video Star,” where he appeared with Kim Ji-min. In addition, Kim Ji-min‘s scented candle was found on SBS’s “My Little Old Boy”, which led to them being embroiled in a romance rumor.

Kim Jun-ho-Kim Ji-min

In particular, Kim Ji-min made headlines when she left an acceptance speech to comfort Kim Joon-ho, who was in trouble due to CoKo Entertainment’s crisis in 2014. At that time, Kim Ji-min expressed her gratitude toward him by saying, “He always told me to keep people rather than keeping money”, adding, “Thanks to one senior, we were able to stay like this without being separated”.

Kim Jun-ho-Kim Ji-min

As Kim Ji-min and Kim Joon-ho have just developed into lovers from a senior-junior relationship, attention is also focused on their future moves. Among their colleagues, there have been many comedian couples, such as Choi Yang-rak – Paeng Hyun-suk, Lee Bong-won – Park Mi-sun, Park Jun-hyung – Kim Ji-hye, Kang Jae-jun – Lee Eun-hyung, Kim Won-hyo – Shim Jin-hwa, etc., already got married. As a result, netizens are also paying attention to the developments of the two’s relationship.

Kim Jun-ho-Kim Ji-min

Meanwhile, an official from JDB Entertainment, the agency of Kim Joon-ho and Kim Ji-min, also delivered an official position to YTN Star confirming the two’s romantic relationship.

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