Jung Sung Il’s unexpected answer to the question “Did Ha Do Yeong really love Park Yeon Jin?”

On March 17th, a video titled “Cast of The Glory argue with each other on controversial topics | Ready, Set, Debate!” was uploaded on the YouTube channel “Netflix Korea”.

Actors Jung Sung Il, Cha Joo Young, Park Sung Hoon, Kim Hieora and Kim Gun Woo appeared in the video and held a fierce discussion on the theme of “The Glory”. The actors showed a tense difference in opinion and did not back down. In addition, each actor showed affection for their own role whenever their role was mentioned.

In particular, Jung Sung Il drew attention by revealing Ha Do Yeong’s sincere heart towards Park Yeon Jin in the drama. All the actors doubted but were also surprised at his unexpected answer.

Cha Joo Young asked Jung Sung Il, “Was Do Yeong in love with Yeon Jin?

jung sung il

Jung Sung Il replied as if it were natural, “Ha Do Yeong loved Park Yeon Jin immensely.” Other actors showed disbelief, “Because she wears Dior?“, “Because she doesn’t wear much?” Jung Sung Il responded, “It feels like the five of you only stayed as friends for a reason.

Another topic for discussion was “If you wanted to hit on Ha Do Yeong, which one would you choose between ‘wear less clothes’ and ‘learn to play Go and beat him at it’?” Except for Kim Hieora, Cha Joo Young, Park Sung Hoon and Kim Gun Woo all chose to “wear less clothes”. Jung Sung Il caused laughter by saying, “Playing Go while wearing less.

Jung Sung Il explained, “It’s not about wearing less. You’re misunderstanding it. It’s about not looking vulgar despite wearing less. If that’s how she dressed to a blind date, he thinks things would be interesting living with her. There were various meanings behind it.

the glory

On the other hand, there was a topic on which the actors chose the same answer. It was the question “Which person is worse? Yeon Jin vs Dong Eun’s mom“.

All the actors picked Moon Dong Eun’s mother. The reason for this was that Moon Dong Eun directly mentioned in the drama that her revenge play started with her mother, saying, “It’s because you still don’t know that you’re my first perpetrator.

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