Kim Jong-kook: “I’m popular with gay men… They often flirt with me at the gym”

Broadcaster Hong Seok-cheon and comedian Kim Ji-min appeared as guests on KBS2’s entertainment program “Problem Child in House“, which aired on July 27th.

Hong Seok-cheon revealed that there is his ideal type among “Problem Child in House” members.

Hong Seok-cheon pointed to Min Kyung-hoon, saying, “I hope (my man) has a boyish face and a muscular body. I didn’t look at body when I was young. I liked that style.”

He also confessed, “As I grew older, my ideal type changed. Now I like someone similar to Jong-kook.”

Upon hearing this, Kim Jong-kook made everyone laugh by replying, “Is it okay to just go like this?”

Hong Seok-cheon claimed that Kim Jong-kook is popular with male homosexuals, adding, “He sometimes comes to my restaurant. He’s popular with people like me. Jong-kook may be popular in the United States as well.”

He continued, “Jong-kook once said, ‘It’s so hard to tan in the hotel swimming pool.’ People’s eyes are always on him.”

Kim Jong-kook revealed that homosexual members at the gym often flirt with him. He shared his thoughts, “Isn’t the social atmosphere different from before? I don’t feel bad even if people with this tendency like me.”

He added, “People with this tendency often ask me to work out together. It’s not a lie.”

Source: wikitree

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