Kim Go-eun reveals the meaning of the ring she often wears, “I like doing the same thing every day”

Actress Kim Go-eun talked about the story behind her ring in an interview with “Marie Claire Korea”.

The video titled “Kim Goeun from Little Women holds the event ※Caution for the spoiler※ Foolish moment for Wol-i” was uploaded on the Youtube channel of Marie Claire Korea on October 10th.

In the video, Kim Go-eun said, “I am preparing for a fanmeeting because my fans send me coffee trucks every time I film and encourage me. But I couldn’t pay it back”, adding “So, for this fanmeeting, I will do everything my fans want. Please tell me what you want in the comments”.

kim go eun

She continued, “Wol-i is smart. And Wol-i looks so lovely. Every people passing by me on the street says that. I’m not foolish. It’s true. I’m serious”, showing affection for her adopted dog Wol-i.

In addition, Kim Go-eun also confessed, “I like doing the same thing every day”.

kim go eun

The actress added, “My fans are interested in the ring I’m wearing, too. It was my mom’s birthday gift when I was in the 2nd grade in high school”. 

She stressed, “I like wearing daily items instead of changing them”.

Meanwhile, Kim Go-eun’s new movie “Hero” is set to be released soon.

Source: nate

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