Comedy workplace K-dramas on OTT platforms in 2022 that office workers can find relatable 

These dramas are gaining sympathy from K-company workers.

The comedy genre is gaining much attention in the online video service (OTT) market, which has become the mainstream of viewing media. OTT platforms Netflix, TVING, Wavve, Watcha, Seezn, Disney+, Apple TV+, etc. are putting forward various contents to prevent subscribers (viewers) from leaving.  Among them, Genie TV (formerly Olleh TV), “Gaus Electronics”, Wavve’s “Desperate Mr. X”, Coupang Play’s “Unicorn” are taking the spotlight. 


Genie TV released the new comedy drama “Gaus Electronics” on September 30th following the popularity of the webtoon-based hyper-realistic comedy drama “New Recruit”. “Gaus Electronics” is an office comedy depicting the work and love lives of young employees in the Marketing 3 Division of the multinational company Gaus Electronics.

“Gaus Electronics” shows a realistic work life from the start and makes viewers laugh as it vividly reflects the real life of a company, such as unmotivated co-workers, bosses who only nag, team members who have uncontrollable accidents. Above all, the captivating performances of actors representing the MZ generation such as Kwak Dong Yeon, Ko Seong Hee, Bae Hyun Sung, and Kang Minah comically portray the reality of K-company life.


Wavve also made the hearts of subscribers laugh with the daily life comedy ”Desperate Mr. X”. The series tells a delightful story about a middle-aged man who has faced the biggest decline in his life, with hardships such as voluntary retirement, stocks falling, and soaring house prices.


Kwon Sang Woo, who was one of the four most handsome Korean Wave kings and an outstanding star, showed a realistic performance by transforming himself into a friendly old man. Using familiar materials that can be sympathized with, such as company life, stocks, and owning a house, ”Desperate Mr. X” won the sympathy of viewers and took first place among Wave original contents for three weeks in a row. Regarding this achievement, the production team of ”Desperate Mr. X” explained, “The drama dealt with a story that everyone in Korea has to experience.”

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Coupang Play also turned to the comedy genre, unlike its heavy predecessors such as “One Ordinary Day” and “Anna”. In particular, it introduced the sitcom “Unicorn”, which revolves around the struggle of startup company Maccom, its CEO Steve (Shin Ha Kyun), as well as his team members. Created by screenwriter Yoo Byung Jae, the reality of a startup company that couldn’t be more hilarious came into production.


Steve, played by Shin Ha Kyun, is a person who is far from the leadership and trust that normally comes to mind when thinking of a CEO, and instead boasts a lack of affection and narcissism. However, Shin Ha Kyun made use of the charm of a sitcom by reviving this character, which could be perceived as unfavorable, in a clever and innocent way. Other elements also come into play, such as a “hip” cafe decorated with unfinished cement walls and mediocre signboards, and even a grandmother who can write trot singer Lim Young Woong’s name even if she cannot write her family name, which reflect the current times in a comical twist, drawing both sympathy and laughter.

Sources: Naver

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