Kei, who left Kim Junsu’s agency after dating rumors, updated her new situation 

Kei, a former member of girl group Lovelyz has signed with a new company. 

On December 2nd, A2G Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as A2G) announced, “We recently signed an exclusive contract with Kei from Lovelyz. We are happy to have a new relationship with Kei. As an artist with infinite potential, Kei plans to greet you in various fields in the future. We will give our full support to Kei’s activities.” 

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Kei, who debuted as the main vocalist of the group Lovelyz in 2014, received great love with numerous hit songs including “Ah-Choo” and “Destiny”. Since then, she has been active by participating in various OSTs, as well as released her solo album “OVER AND OVER”. She also rose to prominence as a musical actress through works such as “Around Thirty”, “Song of the Sun”, “Death Note”, and “Excalibur”. 

lovelyz kei

A2G, which Kei chose as her new agency, is a comprehensive entertainment company that oversees music, performances, content production, and artist management. Currently, A2G is in charge of singer Yoon Sang, Clazziquai Project, Ailee, three-member mixed vocal group SWAY, actor Heo Gyu, Song Joo Hee (Alice), rookie girl group CSR, influencer Yurisa, and so on. 

At the moment, Kei is preparing a solo album produced by Yoon Sang, an artist under the same agency, and the producing group “papermode”. 


Meanwhile, after the disbandment of Lovelyz in 2021, Kei signed with Palm Tree Island, an agency founded by former DBSK member Kim Junsu. In August, rumors of a romantic relationship between the female idol and Kim Junsu surfaced, but was refuted as “unfounded”. Now, 9 months after joining Palm Tree Island, Kei’s exclusive contract with the agency has been terminated. 

Source: wikitree

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