Kang Dong Won shows off talent for singing and playing guitar, a fan of IU and a close relationship with BTS V 

More published evidence of dating puts the spotlight on Kang Dong Won. 

Following the first night BLACKPINK performing at Coachella 2023, more evidence was published that further strengthened rumors of a potential relationship between Kang Dong Won and BLACKPINK Rosé. In light of the rumors, YG only vaguely announced that it was difficult to confirm the relationship, leading to more attention being paid to Kang Dong Won. Despite being an actor, Kang Dong Won has several good connections within the music field. He is a close friend to BTS V and worked with IU in “Broker.” The actor even has a talent for singing and guitar-playing. 

As a model and actor, Kang Dong Won also has a knack for singing and playing the guitar. He once performed the OST for “Golden Slumber” and made a music video in 2018. 

Kang Dong Won performed the OST for “Golden Slumber” in which he was a cast member

kang dong won rose
Both Rosé and Kang Dong Wo made a cover of “Viva La Vida” 

At KBS’s “Entertainment Company Live” in mid-2022, Kang Dong Won, IU and Lee Joo Young were special guests to the program to promote for Oscar-winning movie, “Broker.” 

In that occasion, the actor voluntarily performed two of IU’s songs, “Blueming” and “Only I didn’t know.” IU also revealed a piece of information that she could not focus during the filming because of Kang Dong Won’s handsomeness. 

Kang Dong Won performed IU’s released songs 

The actor made IU flustered with his performance 

On the same occasion of the “Broker” release, Kang Dong Won shared that BTS V was at the VIP test screening of the movie. At BTS V’s support for the test screening, Kang Dong Won was thankful, even though he did not know that V came to the screening until he actually saw the singer. 

The actor also shared the connection that brought him and BTS V to be friends: “Although we’re not exactly from the same place, V said he heard a lot about me in [our hometown] Geochang since he was young because I’m famous in that neighborhood.”

The actor continued, “V is close with singer Park Hyo Shin and when I was with Hyo Shin, our acquaintance asked if they could invite [V] so I ended up meeting him.” Kang Dong Won proceeded to joke, “But I still don’t like stuff like school ties, hometown ties, or family ties.”

kang dong won bts v
Kang Dong Won and BTS V are close friends 

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