Kang Daniel Not the Male Idol in the Poster Spotted in WJSN Luda’s Room: Rumor Clarified

Netizens discover the real identity of the male idol in the poster seen in WJSN Luda’s room. 

In a recent vlog uploaded on WJSN Luda’s YouTube channel, viewers caught a glimpse of a poster featuring a male idol on the wall behind her. Upon realizing this, Luda’s side promptly edited and reposted the vlog, this time with the poster blacked out.

Luda kang daniel

However, speculation already arose, with netizens claiming that the idol in question was Kang Daniel. The rumor spread like wildfire, leading to a flurry of assumptions about a possible romantic relationship between the two idols.

However, it wasn’t long before netizens discovered that the male idol in the poster was not Kang Daniel but actually Bomin from Golden Child. The poster turned out to be part of Golden Child’s season’s greetings. 

Meanwhile, after leaving Starship Entertainment in March, Luda recently signed with IHQ and has joined the virtual group Fe:verse, which recently made its debut. Kang Daniel, on the other hand, is currently busy promoting his latest album, REALIEZ. Golden Child’s Bomin recently resumed his activities after a nine-month hiatus due to health issues. 

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