Kang Daniel mentioned 2PM’s Lee Joon-ho when asked about role model to start acting

The top idol challenged himself with the Disney+ project “Rookie Cops.”

Singer Kang Daniel adds the title of “actor” in front of his name with his debut in the Disney+ drama “Rookie Cops.” Even if a lot of prejudices about idol-turned-actors have disappeared, there is still a “barrier” in the public’s mind. Many are focusing their attention on whether Kang Daniel will be able to break through these barriers and take his first step safely as an actor.

kang daniel rookie cops
An online press conference for the Disney+ drama “Rookie Cops” was held on January 26th with the participation of the lead Kang Daniel. Photo by Disney+

“Rookie Cops,” starring Kang Daniel, is a youthful drama depicting the campus life of police academy students full of spirit and passion. Kang Daniel plays Wi Seung-hyun, a smart police academy student who fights for justice. At the press conference held on January 26th, Kang Daniel called himself a “rookie actor” and introduced the drama as “a work like my first love.”

kang daniel rookie cops

Kang Daniel, who took the lead role as his acting debut, said, “I’ve been asked a lot over the past three years if I have any intention of acting. I thought acting was a professional area of only actors, so I thought I would learn more and try if I had a good opportunity. There were a lot of scripts coming in,” revealing his refusal to make numerous love calls. Among them, regarding the reason for choosing “Rookie Cops,” he said, “I could feel the chemistry of my peers and thought it could be my last youth drama.” “I can say that I wanted to do it as if I was possessed,” he confessed.

Wi Seung-hyun, played by Kang Daniel, is a person who entered the police academy as a valedictorian and started walking on the path to becoming an elite student. He has a smart brain and strong physical strength. Although Kang Daniel has a lot of “stage experience,” he was also trained at an action school for high-quality action scenes because it was his first time on the “stage” of “acting in front of the camera.” Kang Daniel said, “Wi Seung-hyun is the valedictorian of the police academy, so he should also know how to suppress (the criminals).” “I wanted to act well, so I paid attention to the action scenes,” he added.

kang daniel rookie cops
On January 26th, a press conference for the Disney+ drama “Rookie Cops” was held / Photo provided = Disney+

When asked if he had a role model, Kang Daniel said, “Recently, I also enjoyed watching Lee Joon-ho (of the ‘The Red Sleeve’),” adding, “There is too much gap between the seniors and me. Aren’t you all so good?” He was humble. He then said, “I think the word ‘role model’ can be used when I specifically challenge myself on acting. I don’t know mine yet. So I’ll say everyone is a role model,” he replied.

Lee Joon-ho was also fully recognized as an actor through “The Red Sleeve.” On the other hand, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo was criticized for poor acting, insufficient vocalization, and insufficient dialogue delivery in the JTBC drama “Snowdrop.” Lee Joon-ho has accumulated his acting skills through various works by playing small roles, but Jisoo’s “Snowdrop” was her first drama, first lead role, and first acting challenge.

As the boundaries between singers and actors were broken, it became common for former idols to debut as actors. However, there is still a prejudice that former idols usually perform “bad acting.” The only way to break this down is to break through with high-quality acting skills. In the first and second episodes of “Rookie Cops,” you can take a look at Kang Daniel’s acting. It has not yet been revealed whether Kang Daniel will be able to carry the story perfectly until the 16th episode.

The drama “Rookie Cops” will release two new episodes a week. Kang Daniel said at teh press conference, “I went to university, but I couldn’t get used to the campus because I didn’t go there in person. While filming, I thought, ‘Is this college life?’ and felt excited and fun. Also, men usually have a fantasy about the police. It’s a work that contains precious memories,” he said. After eight weeks of broadcasting, hopefully, this drama will not remain only as a “memory” for Kang Daniel.


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