Here’s why BLACKPINK’s Jennie says she is jealous of Jung Hae In (ft. Jisoo)

According to Jennie, no one knows Jisoo better than her! 

Recently, 4 members of BLACKPINK appeared together on VLIVE+ to talk with fans. The girls discussed the drama “Snowdrop” where Jisoo plays the female lead.

While talking about the drama, Jennie suddenly turns to Jisoo and said in a sulky tone: “To be honest, when I saw that video, I felt jealous. In your interview, he said he knew you really well and that he’s a BLINK. I obviously know you better. That’s why I was a bit jealous”. Jisoo burst out laughing at what Jennie said and nodded in agreement, “You know me better”.

Previously, Jung Hae In and Jisoo took a test to see how much they get along by answering questions about each other. In particular, Jung Hae In surprised Jisoo and fans when he understood his co-star so well. The actor knows all the nicknames of BLACKPINK’s eldest member and identifies himself as a genuine BLINK. Jung Hae is threatening to take the position of the person who understands Jisoo the most, no wonder why Jennie is so jealous!

Jung Hae In received the title of a “genuine BLINK”

Thanks to the great interaction in “Snowdrop”, Jisoo – Jung Hae In are becoming a hot couple that people are constantly pairing up. The talented couple is so sweet from the drama to behind the scenes that Jennie can’t help being jealous.


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