Kai reportedly filmed MVs for new songs before enlistment, fans can enjoy EXO’s performances with 8 members

Kai reportedly participated in the music videos for EXO’s comeback to soothe fans’ disappointment due to his sudden enlistment.

According to a report by Star News on June 9th, Kai participated in the music video of the beside tracks in EXO’s 7th full album. He already finished filming the music videos early with EXO members before enlisting in the military as a social service worker on May 11th. Therefore, fans will be able to enjoy music videos featuring EXO as a whole group of 8 members. Kai also joined the recording of the songs in EXO’s 7th album.

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Earlier this year, EXO announced their comeback as a complete group to celebrate the group’s 11th debut anniversary. EXO has prepared a full album to mark their return to fans after a long hiatus due to members’ continuous military enlistments. This full album is EXO’s new music release after a break of 3 years and 8 months since their 6th full album “OBSESSION” released in November 2019.

EXO members put extraordinary efforts into this group comeback by filming music videos for not only the title track but also the b-side tracks in their 7th album. Although Kai couldn’t participate in the recent filming of the title song’s music video on June 2nd, he will meet fans through his vocals in this new release and the music videos of the other tracks.


Meanwhile, EXO will resume activities with the release of their 7th full album on July 10th. 

Many people thought EXO’s comeback would be postponed as three members Baekhyun, Xiumin, and Chen (CBX) recently notified SM Entertainment of their termination of exclusive contracts. However, both SM and EXO have stated that they will push ahead with EXO activities as planned. CBX also joined the members in the filming of the EXO’s new reality program on the 8th.

SM’s official told Star News, “Since we have prepared diligently for the comeback, promotional activities related to the album will proceed as planned. We will soon announce detailed schedules.”

Source: Daum

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