How rich is actor Song Joong Ki?

At the moment, Song Joong Ki is still one of the hottest male actors in Korea. 

Throughout all the years being an actor, he has appeared in lots of famous dramas and movies, making his name known to viewers not only in Korea but also around the world.

Recently, he participated in 2 projects that received huge investments from Netflix, Space Sweepers and Vincenzo. Gaining huge popularity, Song Joong Ki has also earned a surprisingly enormous property for himself.

Song Joong Ki

Many movies and dramas Song Joong Ki starred in made big hits

Only in 2021, Song Joong Ki has contributed to the success of not only one but 2 films. One of them was Space Sweepers, which topped the Netflix charts in many countries immediately after its release.

Song Joong Ki

This was the first science fiction movie about space traveling that Korea has ever made. It was rumored that this project was invested up to 24 billion won.

Song Joong Ki

In 2012, Song Joong Ki was cast for the main character role in A Werewolf Boy and this movie attracted 7 million audiences to the theater. This was a number that many film producers have always wished to achieve. In 2017, he joined the project The Island Battleship and sold 2.5 million tickets during the first weekend of its release.

Song Joong Ki gets paid huge amount of money for every drama episode

Thanks to his top-tier acting, the 35-year-old A-lister bags a staggering 180 to 200 million won per episode of his recent dramas, making him one of the highest paid Korean actors.

Song Joong Ki

The favorite face of various brands 

It comes as no surprise that many brands want Song Joong Ki as their model. Following the success of Descendants of the Sun, he makes 40 billion won only from doing commercials. The actor also helps boost the sales of brands and thus earns more endorsement deals. 

Song Joong Ki

Song Joong Ki’s Real Estate

With his earnings from acting gigs, Song Joong Ki has put money into worthy investments. In 2016, he lived in a luxury villa in Seocho, Seoul that is worth 2.2 million USD. Not long after, he reportedly purchased a 2-storey house in Itaewon for 8.9 million USD.

He also owns a fancy condo worth 2.88 million USD in Honolulu, Hawaii that he uses as a vacation house. Currently, Song Joong Ki’s net worth has exceeded 15 million USD.

Song Joong Ki

Song Joong Ki is currently one of the biggest Korean actors with outstanding contributions to Korea’s entertainment industry. Song Joong Ki’s fortune is thanks to his hard work and efforts over the years. Hopefully in the future, he will continue to achieve more success and bring more excellent roles to the audience. 

Song Joong Ki
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