K-netizens React To Malicious Commenter’s Apology To BTS’s V After Being Sued By HYBE

A netizen released an apology to BTS’s V and asked for HYBE’s mercy after being sued

A recent post titled, “I apologize to BTS’s V, drew attention from netizens in Nate Pann.

The post’s author said, “I’m Kim X Young from Busan, who made hateful comments about V and created rumors through comments on various social media and online communities in 2022. After watching a video about BTS’s V spread by cyber wreckers in 2022, I thoughtlessly believed that the content was true and hated V. At first, I hated him all by myself, but after seeing people cursing him online, I also posted malicious comments. I thought he was that kind of person so I hated him and did not even try to get to know him properly”.

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They continued, “I’m preparing for the civil service examination and I know that many unreasonable issues will happen in the future if I have a criminal record. That’s why I’m not sleeping well these days. The case has been transferred to my region HYBE has no intention to reach an agreement with leniency. I asked the detective in charge of the case if I could submit a letter of apology, but he said it should be done when the case is sent to a court trial”, adding “However, I’m feeling so sorry and anxious that I’m trying to leave a message here through Pann’s anonymous posting. I’m so sorry. I didn’t think V could be hurt by the words I said without knowing the truth. I apologize for all the malicious comments I’ve left and I felt so sorry for V. I’d like to apologize to him in person but I cannot meet him so I’m leaving my apology here. I will never write hateful comments and spread rumors again. Please forgive me once. I’ve just started my social life and I’ll promise to live a new life if you forgive me. I’m so sorry”.


In response, other netizens commented:

– I don’t know if this post is real or fake, but I hope you get back as much as the malicious comments you wrote before

– Nate Pann… and even Women’s Generation. The number of communities in which they wrote malicious comments is unbelievable 

– It’s funny to see kids who made up stories are denying the truth here

– But you’ve written so many hateful comments

– So you’re only apologizing to V after things became serious

Source: Nate Pann

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