K-netizens React To Controversial Anime Enjoyed And Recommended By Idols (ft. Soobin, Taeyong & Woozi)

Some people have pointed out celebrities who enjoy the controversial anime “Made in Abyss” and even recommend it

There is recently a controversy over the anime named “Made in Abyss”. The anime is criticized for its content with provocative content, such as child abuse, sexualizing, pedophilia, etc. However, several male idols have been revealed to be watching this anime.


A “Made in Abyss” comic book was spotted in a photo NCT’s Taeyong posted on Instagram.

On a live broadcast, TXT’s Soobin told his fans that he was watching this anime. He said Season 2 is more interesting and he liked the content but he would not recommend it because it was a little provocative. In fact, many netizens said Season 2 is worse.

anime comic

SEVENTEEN’s Woozi recommended this anime, while Dex said “Made in Abyss” was his favorite anime. 

On online communities for women, many people expressed worries, such as “It was mentioned by four people and there are no female idols”, “I’m sure they have many teenage fans. They can really talk about it?”, “It’s harmful to teenagers”, “It’s true that the content is about pedophilia, and child abuse”, etc.

Original post: Nate Pann

In response, netizens on Nate Pann commented:

– Soobin recommended it but it’s something different from what he said… The content is all about the abuse of young girls

– Kang Hye-won was harshly criticized for mentioning “Attack on Titan” in the past, but no one says a word when male idols recommend an anime like this~

– Do these scenes often appear in anime? Is it okay to recommend a pedophilia anime? The characters dressed up as elementary school girls and got graded

– I can’t believe how they find such a content “interesting”…

– This anime is at the level of child sexual abuse. How can fans continue shielding their idols?

– Taeyong never mentioned it and we don’t know if the comic book in the picture belongs to him

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