K-netizens compare K-pop visuals: Irene-Tzuyu-Jisoo VS Jang Won Young-Karina-Sullyoon

Netizens recently showed interest in the topic of K-pop’s girl group visuals of the 3rd and 4th generations.

The netizen on Nate Pann recently made a post, saying “Vote up if you think I-Tzu-Ji (Red Velvet IreneTWICE Tzuyu BLACKPINK Jisoo) is prettier. Vote down if you think Jang-Ka-Sull (IVE Jang Won Youngaespa Karina NMIXX Sullyoon) is prettier”.

jang won young

Original post: Nate

In response, other netizens commented:

– The fourth-generation visuals receive mixed responses, but no one disagrees with the third-generation trio. They’re typical beauties 

– No idol of the fourth generation has the visual that can surpass Irene

– Jang-Ka-Sull will become legendary when the 5th generation of K-pop comes

– Fans of fourth-generation female idols, just think that you’re right~ It’s common to see fans of female idols of previous generations looking down on the current generation. This already happened to third-generation idols and it would continue when young and pretty new girl group members debut. People on Nate Pann always make such comparisons

– I think the third-generation visuals are already like a wall. Those fourth-generation idols are like flowers without charms.

– I’ve said so many times that it should be Hae-Jang-Sull instead of Jang-Ka-Sull

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