3 reasons why “monster rookie” NewJeans will be a formidable name in 2023

NewJeans, who debuted less than 6 months ago, is already sweeping through music charts both in and outside of Korea. 

Despite being an extremely new group, NewJeans’ name can be seen everywhere, with music show wins, big awards, and high rankings on music charts. The group is one to watch out for in 2023, but what exactly makes them so formidable? 

Diversity in members 

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The 5 members of NewJeans boast 3 different nationalities, with ages running from 14 to 18 years old. In particular, the group consists of Minji (Korean, born in 2004), Hanni (Vietnamese-Australian, born in 2004), Danielle (Korean-Australian, born in 2005), Haerin (Korean, born in 2006), and Hyein (Korean, born in 2008). 

At the same time, unlike most other Kpop groups, there is no fixed position such as main vocals, leader, main dancers, etc in NewJeans. Instead, each member try to show their talents in all aspects, at the same time still embracing their own individual colors. 

Group branding and concept 

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The youthful image of NewJeans bring nostalgic feelings 

With the name “NewJeans”, the girl group represents the timelessness of a staple wardrobe item – jeans. At the same time, it also alludes to “new genes”, which promises to bring a fresh new wind into the Kpop industry. 

NewJeans also took a different path amid the “girl crush” wave that is trending through the Kpop scene, instead taking on a refreshing, innocent, and simple image that everyone can enjoy and relate to.

With all members born after the year 2000, the members exude a youthful charm that older audiences want to relive, and younger audiences can aspire to. They also showed immense energy and enjoyment while on stage, making it impossible to take eyes off them. 

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And time has proven that the path taken by NewJeans is an ambitious yet successful one. The girl group’s first EP, “New Jeans”, has set a new first week sales record for a female debut album. Meanwhile, all songs, including “Attention”, “Hype Boy”, “Cookie”, and “Hurt” achieved high rankings on both domestic and global charts, such as Melon and Spotify. 

Refreshing music with members’ participation

Over time, Kpop fans are growing more and more fond of groups that contribute to their own music and participate in its production. Meanwhile, despite their age, NewJeans are getting involved in their songs as well, with Danielle, Hanni, and Minji credited for the lyrics of “Attention”, “Hype Boy”, and “Ditto”. 

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Barely 6 months into their career, yet NewJeans is already a global sensation with a memorable discography. Their debut EP, “New Jeans”, was listed at No. 46 in Rolling Stone’s Best 100 Albums of 2022, while their song “Hype Boy” made it to 24th of the media site’s Best Songs of 2022. 

Source: k14

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