K-drama actress with a superstar mother: hid her family to act, rumored to date a BTS member

Despite her efforts and background, this K-drama actress was shadowed by her mother’s fame.

Daughter of a superstar yet only play supporting roles

Born in 1990, Lee Yoo Bi is the daughter of actor Im Young Gyu and actress Kyun Mi Ri – who was a household name after starring in the mega hit series “Dae Jang Geum”. Her parents later got a divorce, and her mother remarried with business man Lee Hong Heon, causing the actress to adopt the “Lee” surname. In addition, Lee Yoo Bi is also a descendant of the  Hwanggan Kyun clan, which is related to King Kyun Hwon – the king and founder of Later Baekje, one of the Later Three Kingdoms of Korea.

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Despite being born to such a glorious background, Lee Yoo Bi never used her mother’s name, and even tried to hide her family. It was only after a media revelation that the actress started to become known as Kyun Mi Ri’s daughter. 

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Lee Yoo Bi with her mother (Kyun Mi Ri) and younger sister (Lee Da In)

Despite her beauty and talent, Lee Yoo Bi only nailed supporting roles. In 2011, she made her acting debut with the sitcom “Vampire Idol”, and over 12 years, has yet to make any resounding impact. She has starred in various dramas and movies, such as “Gu Family Book”, “Pinocchio”, “A Poem a Day”, “The Royal Tailor’s”, and most recently, “Yumi’s Cells”. Nevertheless, she is said to have been shadowed by her famous mother. 

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Rumored to date a BTS member

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Since the start of her career, Lee Yoo Bi’s only dating rumor was with Jungkook from the world-famous boy group BTS. In particular, a YouTuber accused Lee Yoo Bi and Jungkook of being in a relationship since 2018, and recently have been flaunting their affections. Said YouTuber also showed various “evidence” based on his personal judgements and coincidental photos published by the two on SNS. 

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It is known that this YouTuber is notorious for spreading rumors about famous Kpop stars. Previously, BTS member V also declared he’s suing the channel, while Jungkook and Lee Yoo Bi both denied the dating accusation, emphasizing that the rumor is “completely groundless”.

Source: K14

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