BTS Ji Min is chosen as the star who looks good in every hair color

BTS Ji Min tops the list of stars with “drawing paper charm,” which means he can pull off any hair color. 

Ji Min won 8,215 out of a total of 9,831 votes in the “Star with Drawing Paper charm” survey held by Exciting Dish from Oct 30th to Nov 5th. 

Ji Min, who received an overwhelming 83.56% of support in the survey, has continued to prove his popularity by ranking first for two consecutive weeks following his last week’s No. 1 of “Star who suits Polo Ralph Lauren the best.”

BTS Jimin

As for Ji Min’s charm, “Shining” was chosen the most with 73%. It was followed by ‘Lovely’ 12% and ‘Shining’ 6%. Ji Min’s representative images were “fascinating,” “doll,” “overwhelming,” “another level,” “alluring,” “causing a big topic,” and “genius.

Ji Min, who boasts fair, shiny skin, a thin face, and thick hair, has boldly challenged various hair colors such as blonde, pink, red, blue, purple, silver, and rainbow since his debut, and has been called the “Human Pallete” and “Human Pantone.” 

bts jimin

Ahead of many comebacks and performances, Ji Min’s hair color and style always draws keen attention from all over the world. Ji Min’s dark blue hair during BTS’ 4th full album comeback drew rave reviews from the U.S. fashion media as they called him the “Midnight Blue Prince.”

In particular, his unconventional rainbow hair, which was born with Ji Min’s idea for the “Butter” album, hit the global real-time trend on Twitter and was selected as the best fashion moment of BTS in 2021 by Indian media.

BTS Jimin

In addition, the stylist of pop star Doja Cat, who won the 64th Grammy Awards “Best Pop Duo/Group Performance”, made headlines again by saying that Doja Cat’s pink hairstyle in the music video of “Get into it (Yuh)” was inspired by Ji Min.

Ji Min is drawing attention as a symbolic presence just by changing his hair color, proved by the legendary “that orange hair guy” that every K-pop fan knows about after BTS’ cover stage of Shinhwa’s “Perfect Man”. He is predicted to continue to draw attention as a global fashion icon in the future.

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