K-drama actors who got traumatized after filming scenes of getting slapped with food 

These two actors suffered from being slapped with food on screen. 

There are two famous slapping scenes in K-dramas, the “kimchi slap” and the “pasta slap”. To make these scenes the most realistic, the actors had to sacrifice a lot. 

won ki joon

In the 2014 drama “Everybody, Kimchi!”, senior actress Lee Hyo Choon used kimchi to slap her male co-star Won Ki Joon in episode 60. This scene later went viral. However, for Won Ki Joon, it was a nightmare. 

On “Radio Star”, Won Ki Joon shared that this scene was filmed in one-take. The kimchi that was thrown at him was spoiled kimchi and Lee Hyo Choon even soaked it in the kimchi juice before slapping him with it. Both Won Ki Joon’s body and face were covered with chili powder. He said that chili and kimchi juice were all over his eyes, nose and ears at the time. “I couldn’t sleep that night. I had headaches all night!”, Won Ki Joon recalled.

jung da hye

In the drama “Woman of Dignity”, which aired in 2017, actress Jung Da Hye went viral for the iconic pasta slap scene, in which she was tossed a whole plate of pasta in the face. Behind-the-scenes, it was even more terrifying. According to Jung Da Hye, initially the props requested by the filmimg crew were 100% real, sticking to the script. That means that the plate of pasta must be steaming hot as if it was fresh from the kitchen.

jung da hye pasta

Although she knew it was absurd and dangerous to herself, at that time, Jung Da Hye did not have the courage to speak up. Fortunately, her co-star and senior, actress Kim Hee Sun protested, asking to replace it with cold noodles before filming. “Kim Hee Sun told the director that I make a living with my face and saved me from having hot pasta tossed onto my face. She made sure they cooled down the pasta before filming,” said Jung Da Hye.

kim hee sun
Kim Hee Sun saved her co-star

Saved by her senior on set, Jung Da Hye gave her all in this famous slap scene. Later, the actress could no longer eat pasta with alfredo sauce because of trauma. However, she was always grateful because Kim Hee Sun stood up to defend her against the unacceptable request of the production crew at the time.

Source: k14

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