JYP explained the special meaning behind ITZY’s name

ITZY, a new girl group from JYP Entertainment, has made a surprise announcement about the name of the group.

JYP Entertainment (JYP) introduced a concept image that contains the logo and slogan of their new girl group’s name, ITZY on its official SNS channel and ITZY‘s official homepage.

ITZY, a new girl group from JYP Entertainment, has made a surprise announcement about the name of the group.

The image has bright pink-colored background and decorations and a cake with an ITZY logo on it. The phrase ‘EVERYTHING YOU WANT IT’Z IN US ITZY? ITZY!’ amplifies curiosity towards the group’s identity and first concept.

The name ITZY has the meaning of “You have everything we want, right? Of course” (In Korean 있지 itji means “to have”). It includes the meaning of English letters such as ‘it’ to refer to a specific object, and the meaning of ‘to have’ in Korean to emphasize that it’s a girl group with all the charms girl groups are expected to have.

As soon as JYP revealed its new girl group ITZY’s name and identity, the public is paying keen attention. ITZY’s Prolog Film videos have surpassed 3.76 million views on Youtube, demonstrating the high expectations for the debut of JYP’s new girl group.

They have also received a lot of attention from international fans since pre-debut. ITZY gathers attention as Billboard said “JYP has announced its new girl group ITZY” and introduced its members, while on the portal site Yahoo Japan, “ITZY” topped the list of real-time search words.

JYP explained the special meaning behind ITZY's name

ITZY is the strongest dream team made by JYP, which produced Wonder Girls, Miss A, and TWICE. Member Yeji made herself known through SBS‘s “The Fan,” and Lia is said to be the new secret weapon of JYP. Ryujin took first place in the female-trainee category at JTBC‘s ‘Mix Nine‘ and formed a strong fandom even before her official debut, while Chaeryung received support from K-pop fans as she made her appearance earlier through Mnet ‘Sixteen‘. Lastly, Yuna caught viewers’ attention even in short screentime appearing on the Mnet reality show “Stray Kids,” which gave birth to JYP’s idol group Stray Kids.

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