Jung Woo Sung delivered an acceptance speech on behalf of “Blue Dragon” winner Lee Jung Jae in a very special way

Actor Lee Jung Jae won Best New Director at the 43rd Blue Dragon Film Awards.

At the 43rd Blue Dragon Film Awards held at KBS Hall in Yeouido, Seoul on the evening of November 25th, “The Girl on a Bulldozer” Park Yi Woong, “The Roundup” Lee Sang Young, “Hunt” Lee Jung Jae, “Anchor” Jung Ji Yeon, and “Perhaps Love” Jo Eun Ji were named as nominees for Best New Director. As a result, Lee Jung Jae was announced as the winner. 

Lee Jung Jae Blue Dragon

Actor Jung Woo Jung showed up to receive the award on behalf of his best friend Lee Jung Jae, who couldn’t attend the award ceremony due to his overseas filming schedule for the drama “Star Wars”.

Taking the stage, Jung Woo Sung said, “I was not even nominated, but why is my heart beating so fast?”, then burst into laughter.

Jung Woo Sung Blue Dragon

He continued, “I will say it (Lee Jung Jae’s acceptance speech) well. I’m glad to have such a good memory of being able to deliver an award to my friend”, adding “I’ll call him right now. He’s probably filming in England, so I don’t know if he would pick up my phone or not”.

Jung Woo Sung took out his phone and call Lee Jung Jae right on the stage. Later, he turned up the speaker of his phone to let everyone hear the voice of Lee Jung Jae, who was in England.

Jung Woo Sung Blue Dragon

Lee Jung Jae said, “From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much. I met many audiences while doing stage greetings and had such precious and grateful times. I want to thank many people for your support”, delivering his speech in person.

The Blue Dragon Film Awards ceremony was hosted by “Blue Dragon Couple” Kim Hye Soo and Yoo Yeon Seok. It was also broadcast live on KBS.

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