Jung Hae In’s “Connect”, even original author can’t predict the development… “I felt consideration for original work throughout the series”

The original series “Connect” unveiled a “webtoon synchronization poster” drawn by Shin Dae Sung, the author of the original webtoon “Connect”, and an interview with various stories about the work.

The webtoon synchronization poster, which was released first, draws attention as it is drawn by the original webtoon’s author Shin Dae Sung.

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Dong Soo, Jin Seop and Yi Rang are drawn in Shin Dae Sung’s unique drawing style, heralding intense thrill and suspense as well as stimulating curiosity about how their story will unfold. Along with this, an interview with author Shin Dae Sung, who sent rave reviews towards “Connect“, is released.

First of all, when asked how he felt when he first heard the news that the webtoon “Connect” would be made into a drama, author Shin Dae Sung expressed his vivid feelings at that time, “I couldn’t believe the news that Studio Dragon, which produced the dramas I enjoyed, would be in charge of producing ‘Connect’. In particular, when I heard that it’d be directed by Takashi Miike, I thought he’d express this story better than anyone else. I was so honored when I heard that it’d air through Disney+.


Author Shin Dae Sung also expressed his affection for the original series “Connect”, “The director’s directing that maximized the material’s fun, the actors who showed visuals and passionate performances, the naturally embodied CG… were all impressive. I was able to appreciate it with gratitude since I felt consideration for the original work throughout the series.

“Connect” depicts a mysterious story that occurs when a man who has been deprived of a part of his body by organ hunters connects with a person who has received an organ transplant. You can watch all episodes through Disney+.

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Source: Daum

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