JTBC still drops hints for Jisoo’s drama “Snowdrop” on their 10th anniversary despite the hate

Jisoo and Jung Haein’s “Snowdrop” will still be aired soon.

On April 12th, JTBC released a video for a drama marathon project celebrating their 10th anniversary which still included “Snowdrop”. This is a good news to fans in the middle of the controversy involving the drama.

Netizen’s comments:

– I still want to see Jisoo, you can do it. Hoping the best will come to you in 2021, everything will be fine and the drama will be a success.

– Jisoo..I’m crying for you. We can watch the drama soon.

– Looking forward to see Jisoo

– Here comes actress Jisoo

– But there’s no poster.

Source: Jisoonly – BlackPink Jisoo Vietnam Fanpage

“Snowdrop” is a dark comedy drama satirizing military dictatorship in the 80s. The drama also praises the boys and girls in these time. The drama is about Young Cho (Jisoo) – a young college student who accidentally saved Im Suho (Jung Haein) – a student of a well-known university when he rushed into the girl’s dorm wounded. Young Cho took care of his wound without anybody knowing despite all the risks.

Unfortunately, the drama has controversial contents so they have to face the hate of Korean netizen even when it is not yet broadcasted. This is a huge challenge to “Snowdrop” and the actors especially Jisoo since this is her first drama.

Beside “Snowdrop”, JTBC also listed their famous dramas like Strong Woman Do Bongsoon, The world of the married, Sky castle, Itaewon Class, Law School, Undercover, I Know But, Disqualified as a Human, Duke City, and A Person Who Looks Like You are also soon to be broadcasted.

“Snowdrop” is scheduled to air in 2021.

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