Jo Yoon-hee Makes Honest Confession About Divorcing Lee Dong-gun, “Before That, I Kept Having Nightmares”

Actress Jo Yoon-hee appears on “I’m Alone Now” and talks about her life after her divorce with actor Lee Dong-gun

On July 2nd, the channel “TVCHOSUN JOY” uploaded a trailer for the new episode of “I’m Alone Now”. With the caption, “Being alone means getting used to loneliness”, the program shows the life of various people after divorce.

In particular, Jo Yoon-hee appeared and shared, “There is no ‘divorce’ in my dictionary. I got married with that mindset”. 

jo yoon hee

She added, “But the things I was worried about even appeared in my dreams”, revealing that married life was different from what she expected.

In the teaser, Jo Yoon-hee confessed, “I couldn’t sleep well before the divorce. I had such nightmares. I saw them every day”, raising viewers’ curiosity about the difficulties of marriage she would share.

Meanwhile, “I’m Alone Now” is about people adapting to the world again after becoming alone after divorce. It’s a reality observation program that depicts people who look back on changes in their lives and prepare for a new start.

Jo Yoon-hee married actor Lee Dong-gun in 2017 and gave birth to a daughter named Roa in December of the same year. Ever since their divorce in 2020, Jo Yoon-hee has been raising Roa.

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