Han So-hee’s New Style After Cutting Hair Shorter Receives Mix Responses From Netizens

Netizens expressed divided opinions upon seeing the new image of Han So-hee after cutting her signature long hair

On July 2nd, Han So-hee posted a picture on her personal SNS account, drawing attention.

The released picture shows the actress taking a selfie with her face on a mobile phone camera. She already cut her long hair to a medium length and wore dark smokey makeup, presenting a new image.

In response to Han So-hee’s update, netizens showed mixed reactions. Many people poured compliments, saying this style maximized her bold and sexy image. They commented, “She’s so beautiful”, “An attractive style that only Han So-hee can pull off”, “No one can do it like her”, etc.

han so hee

On the other hand, some believed that this style did not match Han So-hee. In particular, they preferred the actress when she exuded both innocent and sexy charms with the combination of her white skin and black hair. Some netizens commented, “The hairstyle seems to be the problem”, “This style failed to highlight Han So-hee’s facial features”, “I didn’t realize it was Han So-hee”, “I hope she goes back to her original style”, etc.

Meanwhile, Han So-hee already confirmed her appearance in the upcoming series “Project Y” and will act alongside actress Jeon Jong-seo. “Project Y” is a noir drama set in Gangnam, Seoul, depicting the desire of two friends of the same age as they plan to steal gold bars worth 8 billion won.

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