Jo Kwon fiercely embraced his uniqueness with genderless fashion

The singer rocks his look in leggings, stiletto heels and intricate nail art. 

In the entertainment industry, singer Jo Kwon is the leading figure of genderless fashion where the choice of clothing is not confined to gender markers but is instead determined by the wearer’s enjoyment. 

Recently, the singer captivated attention once again for his provocative fashion: colorful leggings and dizzyingly stiletto heels. 

What kind of look did Jo Kwon, who excited fans with his unrivaled fashion sense, show this time?

On the 9th, Jo Kwon posted several photos on his Instagram which showed the singer attending the birthday party of Kwak Min-jun, a former “Ulzzang.”

jo kwon

They were arm in arm while standing against the colorful birthday backdrop. The released photos also revealed Jo Kwon’s nail art that caught attention. 

Jo Kwon gives off a pure atmosphere with fine nail art

jo kwon

Jo Kwon’s fine nail art caught the eye at this time with a nude color mixed with white, highlighting his simplicity and elegance. Fans immediately flooded the comment section with compliments, “Nail art is so pretty,” “It looks good on the new iPhone,” and “It’s pure.”

This was also not the first time the idol turned heads with his stunning nail art design. 

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In 2020, Jo Kwon posted a picture of his nails with blue paint and expressed his conviction with the caption, “There’s no way not to do manicures.”

Furthermore, Jo Kwon also revealed the story of doing nail art on the broadcast.

Dawn Jo Kwon

On his appearance on KBS2’s “Godfather” in May, Jo Kwon confidently showed off his finely done nails and said, “I wanted to do something after I came back from the army, but I couldn’t travel and there was nothing much to change my mood.”

He added, “After doing nail art, I felt so good as the adrenaline pumped in, so I’ve been doing gel nails since then.”

Source: Insight

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