Jisoo proved herself as a complete lead role for a sad romance like “Snowdrop”   

From a cheerful college freshman to the main character of a sad ending romance, Jisoo has shown her various aspects without filtering through “Snowdrop”.

Jisoo played the role of Eun Young-ro, a fresh and innocent freshman at Hosu Women’s University in JTBC’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Snowdrop,” which recently ended on Jan 30th. The appearance of Young-ro blushing and at a loss for word while avoiding the gaze of Lim Soo-ho (Jung Hae-in) drew sympathy from those who had fallen in love.

jisoo snowdrop

Jisoo vividly depicted the changes in Young-ro’s character as she faced various events as time went by. In particular, she was 180 degrees different from the early episodes of the drama, when she struggled with betrayal after learning that Soo-ho was a North Korean spy, and shed tears constantly out of guilt that she had put countless people at risk because of her illusion. Jisoo has expressed such a complex Young-ro closely with a calm approach.

Jisoo has delicately portrayed the emotional lines of her character who hasn’t been able to see a day without shedding tears. Amid the hostage situation as the drama reached its peak, Young-ro’s words to her father Eun Chang-soo (Heo Joon-ho) that “Please save us. I can’t trust anyone,” or her crying scene where she sobbed while holding the dying Soo-ho in her arms, touched the hearts of viewers.

jisoo snowdrop

In the final episode, the scene where Young-ro, who misses Soo-ho, listens to the tape with his message, also adds to the drama’s emotional atmosphere. Jisoo burst into tears while holding the cassette player in her lap, perfectly portraying Young-ro‘s sad and sorrowful reality.

Now, netizens are looking forward to Jisoo’s next move as she gradually broadens her acting spectrum as an actress along with BLACKPINK‘s activities.


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