Jisoo graces Vogue Korea April 2022 issue cover with a series of wild photos, but one photo is confusing 

Jisoo starts April with a series of photos on the cover of Vogue Korea.

A few weeks ago, the editor-in-chief of Vogue Korea posted a picture of Jisoo and actress Iris Law on her personal Instagram story, captioning the line “April girls” making fans anxiously waiting. Not letting fans down, Vogue Korea recently released the cover for its April issue with the starring of Jisoo. The April issue includes 3 versions with both close-up and full-body shoots. As always, Dior continues to be the brand that accompanies BLACKPINK‘s eldest member. 

This photo shoot focused on promoting the costumes, however, the crew did not miss the opportunity to capture close-up photos, which has long been Jisoo‘s advantage. Jisoo is normally a girl with a youthful, modern aesthetic, but this savage, new image of the female idol is sure to surprise many people. 

Jisoo’s long hair is let loose in some photos, and wet combed with a simple nude makeup layout in others to highlight the colorful clothes she is wearing. Indeed, these photo shoots have partly alleviated the disappointment of fans after the recent Paris Fashion Week. If only Jisoo could bring this image out that day, she would’ve slayed.

However, as a celebrity, you have to accept that your results will face conflicting controversies. This photo set was mostly well received, but in the black and white photo, Jisoo posing with her hands on the hips met a few mixed opinions as follows:

– That pose looks a bit scary.

– Her pose in this picture is ok but more risky than her previous ones. Maybe it’s a mistake to put it in black and white, if it’s in color, she will definitely kill it.

– Is this her own pose and expression or someone taught her?

– I don’t understand why Jisoo is so addictive. Unique charm, quality resources that are easy to match, easy to see. It’s very pleasant to watch Jisoo’s fashion segment.

– The first picture is so beautiful. Her soulful eyes help her to star on magazine cover or act on screen.

– Chameleon Jisoo! She can be luxurious, sweet, pure or classic. The fashion quality in her is becoming more obvious day by day!

What do you think about Jisoo‘s photo set and her pose and expression on the April cover of Vogue Korea?

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