Jimin (BTS)’s adorable actions after realizing his mistake during an English ment

He pat himself on the cheek and turned to hug Jungkook to hide in embarrassment.

The moment where Jimin made a mistake during his English ment excites many audiences. During their world tour “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself”, each BTS member took turn to did their ment and say thank you to the audience in English at the end of the show.

Jimin intended to say that he would never forget this beautiful moment. However, because he was nervouse, Jimin made a mistake by saying “I will never today” instead of “I will never forget today”. This BTS member then smile sheepisly and softly slapped himself as if reminding himself to do it right. He then turned to Jungkook and hugged him to hide from the embarrassment. The youngest member also burst out laughing at the cute mistake of Jimin.

Jimin’s adorable expression excites fans. Many has commented: “Whatever you say is always right Jimin”, “They way he turn to Jungkook is so cute”, “He must have been so embarrassed but all fans think is that he was too adorable”…

Jimin’s cute expression after realizing his mistake.

RM is the most fluent member in English, which makes him the spokeperson to answer interviews during their activities in the U.S. The other boys are also learning English to be able to communicate with their fans. Jungkook even shared that he was working hard practicing English so that he could help RM.

BTS recently finished their 2-night concert “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself” at the Wembley Stadium (London) with a total of 120.000 audiences. From a small group of a smal agency, the 7 boys are now international stars with honorarium 3 times that of a Korean A-grade star.

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