Ji Chang Wook & Wi Ha Jun’s “The Worst of Evil” to premiere on Sep 27th through Disney+

“The Worst of Evil”, starring Ji Chang Wook and Wi Ha Joon, will be released on Disney+ this September.

On August 14th, Disney+ confirmed the release date of “The Worst of Evil” on September 27th. This is a crime action drama that depicts the process of undercover police officer Joon Mo (Ji Chang Wook) infiltrating a criminal organization in Gangnam, the center of the illegal drug trade between Korea, China, and Japan in the 1990s.

The released teaser poster draws keen attention from drama fans as it shows the unique atmosphere of “The Worst of Evil”. Against the background with a retro vibe of Gangnam in the 1990s, Gi Cheol (Wi Ha Joon), who leads the drug organization, and Joon Mo, who infiltrates the gang to investigate them, confidently walk through the streets of Gangnam, leaving a deep impression with their charismatic eyes and expressions.

The Worst of Evil

In particular, the perfect acting transformations of the two actors Ji Chang Wook and Wi Ha Joon are expected to be the highlights of this work. First, Ji Chang Wook will showcase the most intense acting performance in his entire career as police officer Park Joon Mo who infiltrates the Gangnam organization to investigate their drug trade. The actor shared, “I did my best to film it without regrets. I enjoyed working on this work to the fullest”, raising fans’ anticipation.

Wi Ha Joon will perfectly portray the multi-layered aspects of his character Jung Gi Cheol, the boss of the Gangnam organization who does anything without hesitation for success but has a strong loyalty to the members of his organization.

“The Worst of Evil” is the new work by director Han Dong Wook, who debuted with “Man in Love” after working as assistant director for various crime films, such as “The Unjust”, “Nameless Gangster: Rules of the Time” and “New World”. In addition, screenwriter Jung Min Seok, who successfully attracted 5.41 million viewers with “Secret Reunion”, also participated in this project.

Attention is focused on whether “The Worst of Evil” will once again showcase the power of K-content on Disney+ following “Big Bet”.

Source: Daum

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