Jessi went viral for taking a “breast shower” while on stage 

The unconventional performance of this Korean female star has become a hot topic 

Since October 8th (local time), famous rapper Jessi has been going on a European tour through Berlin, London, Paris, Oberhausen, and Barcelona. Jessi also shares her performance in front of overseas fans who love Kpop on Instagram.

On October 16th, Jessi presented an unconventional stage at a concert held in Oberhausen, Germany.


At that time, Jessie went on stage wearing a revealing outfit that looked like a bra, while singing and dancing with all her might. Overseas fans, fascinated by Jessi’s performance, cheered enthusiastically.

During the performance, Jessi made a surprising gesture. In particular, she drank some bottled water in the middle of a performance, before pouring the remaining water on her chest as if in a shower, creating a “breast shower” moment. 


Videos of this “breast shower” have since become a hot topic and spread rapidly on social media and major online communities.

Earlier, at her Paris concert held on October 12th, Jessie personally signed a cheering female fan’s chest. She also joked about wearing a female fan’s bra that was thrown onto the stage. 

Source: Wikitree

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